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Proven expertise in energy management and distribution

As part of a major industrial French group with international operations, ACTIA’s Energy Division draws on more than 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and deployment of innovative solutions dedicated to energy management and distribution.
Working alongside its customers and at the heart of numerous applications, ACTIA Energy plays a key role in supporting the development of Smartgrids. The company is involved at every levels of measurement and control of the energy flow, helping to accelerate decarbonisation and energy transition.
Our customers are major players in energy transmission and distribution, in rail sector, industry and tertiary network operators. We work closely with each of them, adopting a partnership approach and focusing on co-development.
Main key differentiating factors of ACTIA Energy division are:
ACTIA Energy is the technological and industrial excellence centre of  ACTIA Group, with major commitments to innovation and differentiation worlwide. In its areas of expertise and applications, Energy Division is meeting the technological and industrial challenges of innovative, value-creating and sustainable electronics and automation on behalf of ACTIA.


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▶︎ SCADA DMS for transmission & distribution networks

▶︎ Remote control of catenary networks for rail operators

▶︎ Local supervision

the MV/LV network

Fault detection range

▶︎ Smart underground and overhead substation monitoring (MV/LV supervision)

▶︎ HV 500/1 and LV current transducers (500/1 1500/1 2000/1)



▶︎ Modular Digital Protection (ANSI 50, 51, etc)

▶︎ Modular Remote Terminal Unit (small and large capacities)

▶︎ Reactive energy compensation management

▶︎ Digital Control Systems (PCCN, SMART ELECTRE)

Energy and
integration cabinets

▶︎ Auxiliary Units

▶︎ Low-voltage switchboards (GSM operators, telecoms, industry)

▶︎ Outdoor and indoor cabinets (integration of GSM and 5G equipment)

▶︎ Street cabinets (Internet, optical fiber, telephony)


▶︎ LTEM modem

▶︎ Communication Interface Box (RS232, EURIDIS)


Each of our solutions benefits from the essential contribution of our services, reinforcing our proven business expertise.
Our full range of services includes:

Our services are designed to provide a comprehensive response to your needs, guaranteeing a global solution and advanced expertise in the field of energy management and distribution.



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